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Google ValueTrack Parameters Go Live

Last month, Google announced new ValueTrack parameters for Enhanced Campaigns for advertisers using keyword level URLs. Now, the company announced that they’re now live and ready to be applied to campaigns.

“These features will help you achieve your conversion and ROI goals, and make the upgrade to enhanced campaigns easier by directing users to a device-specific landing page at the keyword level [and aligning performance reporting with device groupings used in enhanced campaigns," says AdWords senior product manager Karen Yao.

Specifically, Google has added the {ifnotmobile:[value]} parameter, which lets you replace [value] with the text that will show up in your URL when the user clicks the ad from a computer or tablet. They’re changing the parameter {ifmobile:[value]}, which will now insert the specified value into the URL only when the user clicks from a mobile device.

Google shares some examples for using these parameters in a blog post here.

If you still need to learn more about upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns, Google has a guide available here.

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